2048 - AI


Play the 2048 AI online

Join the numbers until you get the 2048 tile !

Number of games per move :

Variation 2048

How to play the 2048 game ?

It is played on a 4x4 grid using the directional arrows or the W, A, S, D keys on the computer. On a mobile phone it is played with the fingers.

Use the directional arrows on a computer or the fingers on a mobile phone to move tiles of different colours and values with a scrolling animation.

When two tiles of the same number are side by side, they can merge and form a new tile of double value (e.g. two tiles of value « 2 » give a tile of value « 4 »).

How artificial intelligence works :

The AI plays the game several times using completely random moves !

The average final score per starting position is calculated. The shot with the highest score is chosen. By default, the AI plays 100 games per move.

Increase the number of moves to make AI more efficient and strong. It is interesting to note that even though AI is based on random moves, it plays quite well.

Another interesting property is that the AI has no hard-coded intelligence, which means that no knowledge of what makes a good move has been programmed into it! It "finds out" on its own.

The original 2048 game from Gabriele Cirulli. The AI infrastructure by Matt Overlan.

AI Resolver by Ronen Zilberman.